Dolores Huerta, Sen. Art Torres Speak at Our Lecture SeriesBy Lou Fancher Oakland Tribune Correspondent   One simple act of courage to remove injustice from society can start a community movement. Economic equality and exercising one's right to vote are the most powerful nonviolent weapons in the fight for civil rights. Know the past, unite to act in the present, believe "Si se puede" […]
Change myself to change othersMy purpose is to educate those who aren’t educated, to communicate with those who don’t communicate, and to become a better leader, to change myself and to inspire change in others.
Freedom Center in Action PhotosClick here for photos of Freedom Center class at Merritt College, Counseling 207. Plus Make History, Don't Let History Make You Leadership Academy.

Self-Transformation – through Reflection and Action

Nonviolence is not non-action. It is the active and reflective engagement of the self into other-selves. No person is an island. We are woven together in an inescapable network of sacredness. Dr. King points out that we are all inter-connected, that what affects one directly affects all indirectly. Nonviolence accepts that you cannot be who you are meant to be until I am who I am meant to be.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center produces leadership nonviolence classes and civic engagement for middle school and high school aged youth from diverse racial and cultural communities in Oakland, CA and the East Bay. The curriculum develops cultural power through reflection and action. It prepares individuals and groups to create meaning. Learning takes place in conjunction with relevance and critical problem solving. Freedom Center programming promotes academic excellence and civic leadership roles, developing common-good values of interdependence, other-interestedness, mutuality, equity, and the global pursuit of ecological sustainability.

Professional development classes and seminars feature longitudinal research-based community leadership methodology and content, focused on development of trust, high-expectations, and rigor in relationships.

Located on the campus of Merritt College at 12500 Campus Drive, Freedom Center offices are in “F” building, rooms 201-208. We welcome you to come by for a visit. For more information on the Freedom Center, for scheduling of professional development, or to nominate a young person for the Nonviolence Leadership Program, please call our offices today at 510 434 3988.